Show your work.

Finally, somebody made something that marks your milestones and tracks your triumphs. (Okay okay, it was us.)

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What Is Status Chart?

It’s a tool we designed and streamlined to track the status of your projects and pursuits in real time. Share what you’re doing and what you’ve done, all from page one.

I have a resumé. How is this different?

Resumés are rigid. They broadcast the broad strokes of your career, but don’t show your numerous projects and professional plot points. Status Chart is nimble. We’ve built it from the ground around to keep tabs on the many things you build, as you build them.

Who would want this?

Anybody who keeps busy with multiple projects. Designers, coders, writers, exciters, makers, and anyone who’d like to aggregate their achievements.

What kind of stuff does it track?

Apps you code, sites you write, games you design, lectures you give, articles you publish, awards you’re awarded, or anything else you assemble that’s interesting.

I used to carve a notch in my desk for every new project. Now I just carve that notch into Status Chart. Digitally, of course. I’m not dumb.

- You in the near future, if you know what’s good