Status Chart serves up a beautiful bird’s-eye view of all that you do. Track and share the status of stuff you make, as you make it.


Design Co-Founder

A New York City based Professional Hacker, UX Strategist, & Mobile UI Designer. He is passionate about the overall user experience of the product and a keen eye for the details while keeping a clear vision of the big picture.

Our Mission

All of our favorite tools have “forever” functionality. They’re simple, but endlessly handy. That’s why we made Status Chart easy enough to understand before your morning coffee, yet useful enough to captivate you throughout your career. We’re always working to make it better. (Hopefully you’ll want to use it forever.)

In a perfect world, the whole wide web would use our service. We’re doing our best to perfect the world.


The Story

Kennedy worked a regular 9 to 5, but his 6 to 8 was where real progress was palpable. He made things, went to hackathons, gave talks, organized events, and did plenty of other stuff that reflected his skills and ambitions more than his day job. Trouble was, he had no way to show it off. Six weeks later he launched Status Chart into private beta. After a couple months and a few iterations later Status Chart was launched into public beta.